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Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

 Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Propose your own project

Passionate about your own topic. Find a faculty member to help advise your development efforts. Interested faculty might provide some funding for materials or you can apply for the Provost Undergraduate Research Awards. This will give you $500 to $1000 to get you started.

Independent Research

Liu lab hosts undergraduate students to research the optical properties and applications of nano materials/structures. We have both theoretical and experimental projects. Requirements: 10 hours per week, minimum GPA of 3.6.


Want to work with polymers? Contact me. Requirements: Lab experience, 10 hours per week, dependable, meticulous note taker.

Research for Credit Option

I am considering undergraduates for paid positions that have exceptional knowledge and experience in 3D printing.

Paid Position

I am always looking for talented MIE students to volunteer in my lab. 10 hours per week, minimum GPA of 3.5.

Volunteers only

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