Prof. Randall M. Erb

Head of DAPS Lab

Assistant Professor

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Northeastern University

PhD from Duke University

Post Doc at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

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Jessica Faust


Assembly of Polymers and Polymer Composites

Robert Zando

PhD Candidate

3D Printing of Biomedical Devices

Jason Bice

PhD Candidate

3D Printing of Multifunctional Materials

Dan Braconnier

PhD Candidate

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Graduate Students
Previous DAPS Members

Dr. Jabulani R. Barber

Post-doctoral Researcher

Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, NASA GSRP

Post-doctoral work at Harvard

Dr. Joshua J. Martin

Alum Year: 2018

Current Occupation: CEO of Fortify

Dr. Rasam Soheilian


Directed Assembly of Materials Systems

Dr. Chunzhou Pan

PhD Candidate

Toughness Mechanisms in Composites

Daniel Shores

MS Graduate Student

3D Printing and Numerical Modeling of Biomedical Devices

Scott Goodrich

MS Graduate Student

3D Printing and Magnetic Assembly of Biomedical Devices

Anvesh Gurijala

PhD Student

Energy Materials and Thermal, Electric and Magnetic Composites

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