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"Engineering at the Interfaces"
Additive Manufacturing from Powders Institute
Thematic Branches

Understanding and exploiting interfaces in AM can be broken down into three thematic branches including:

  1. Materials Engineering of the Interfaces including understanding powder qualities of morphologies and interfaces, process-material interactions, limitations of new material families

  2. Process Control at the Interface of Hardware and Materialsincluding equipment and processing redesign for superior process-structure-property relationships.

  3. Advanced Manufacturing at the Interface of Hardware and Software - including process and control optimization, manufacturing efficiency, machine learning, and IoT

These three branches are directly addressed by the NU Powder-based Additive Manufacturing Institute consisting of 11 faculty members and staff with backgrounds in manufacturing, industrial engineering, material science, mechanics and machine design. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of powder-based additive manufacturing by addressing the interrelated manufacturing, materials, control and economic challenges through scientifically based studies in a collaborative environment.

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